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        Hangzhou Wuxing Electronic Co.,Ltd. is located in the West Lake Technology Park of Hangzhou in china, convenient transportation and package.
        50-200 employees in the company of people, five production lines , the factory area of 2000 square meters, monthly production capacity of 10 million units.
        Hangzhou Wuxing Electronic Co.,Ltd. is the Hi-tech enterprises in Hangzhou.  Specializing in single-phase energy meter, three phase energy meter, prepaid card table, multi-rate tables......【MORE>>】

Hangzhou Wuxing Electronic Co.,Ltd
Address: Building3, No.8, Xiyuan 3rd Road,Sandun Town, West Lake District,Hangzhou
Tel :0571-88308166
Fax: 0571-88052760
Contact: Mr. Yao Mobile: 13705810781

版权所有:杭州五星电子有限公司 技术支持:浙江盘石    浙ICP备10038271号
地址:杭州市西湖区三墩镇西园三路八号 电话:0571-88308166 传真:0571-88052760 联系人:姚先生 手机:13705810781 网址